2Hot4FB Launches a Major Update

Utilizing social media as a promotional channel for performers or models in the adult entertainment industry has never been easy. At some point, many of you out there have had a post flagged for removal because you showed off what Facebook determined was a little too much skin. Nudity or sexual content of any kind is prohibited on the major social platforms, being flagged as inappropriate for not adhering to the network’s “community standards” or guidelines for publishing content. Some networks take it a step further, banning your account altogether, meaning you may lose all of your hard-earned followers.

Thankfully, 2Hot4FB is here to solve this problem. Gone are the days of having your Facebook or Instagram account taken down for posting inappropriate content. Simply request a membership to the service, upload your images, alter them using their collection of editing tools that will help you cover up your naughty bits, and begin sharing your photos on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and others. Best of all, elite paid program members can earn money for every impression their images receive!

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What’s New with 2Hot4FB?

As of early April, 2Hot4FB v4.0 was released to the public, and with it, a collection of new features that will help ensure your NSFW images meet social media community guidelines while still looking attractive and enticing enough to stimulate engagement and follower growth. Read on to find out more.

First, and most importantly, the 2Hot4FB platform is now open to everyone FOR FREE! Now anyone can upload their provocative pics to 2Hot4FB and take advantage of their complete editing suite. The editor is faster and more responsive than ever, allowing you to cover up that boob flash in a pinch. All pages have been updated, and sharing options have been optimized and simplified to take advantage of the new generation of smartphones out there.

As well, their image review process has become slightly more lenient, allowing for more explicit photos to be posted online, with the exception of Facebook.

To help drive additional traffic to your website, we’ve introduced a self-serve traffic purchase option that is ideal for cam girls and page/group owners. Purchase 1000 impressions for as low as $6!

It’s never been a better time to be a member of 2Hot4Fb.

The goal in the latest update was to help give new models and camgirls an opportunity to become social media heavy hitters. Their solution offers models a new avenue for driving traffic to their website, increasing followers on social media, and generating revenue. If you’re a performer in the adult entertainment industry and you’re not currently using 2Hot4FB, you really should.