Marketing Tips for New MV Stars

ACC client SlutWorks recently wrote a guest post for the ManyVids blog with some awesome marketing tips for new ManyVids Stars. See below for some tips and click here for the full post.

More Tips for Success

  • Send flyers for new uploads.
  • Send discount codes to your best customers.
  • Monitor stats daily. Pay close attention to profile traffic and vid views.
  • Try to correlate traffic spikes and sales with marketing efforts to know what’s working
  • Provide outstanding customer service.
  • I answer every message I receive, and I leave a comment on every user’s wall who followed me or made a purchase. I try to do this daily, usually first thing when I wake up in the morning. Make it part of your routine.
  • Try uploading on different days and times until you determine what gains the most traction.
  • It’s often hit or miss, but uploading on a Friday or Saturday night usually works best for me. People tend to watch more porn on nights and weekends. Sunday is the peak day for porn consumption.
  • Choose enticing thumbnails and create captivating trailers. This is what sells your content.