Arm Candy Creative’s Official Launch Announced on XBIZ!

Arm Candy Creative is pleased to announce our official launch! And we’re proud to have our launch promoted on one of the industry’s most important and influential websites, (

Our mission is to bridge the gap between mainstream and adult, providing strategies and solutions for businesses to take advantage of the marketing opportunities available that stem from the growing popularity of adult films and entertainment. The social and moral stigmas associated with adult entertainment are eroding, as adult film stars transcend their niche and become more widely accepted as celebrities in popular culture. Businesses can gain a competitive advantage over their rivals by leveraging the popularity of adult content and performers to further brand awareness.

Arm Candy Creative will be in attendance at this year’s XBIZ conference, going on from January 9-13 at the Andaz Hotel in West Hollywood, L.A. If you’re in town during this year’s conference and awards ceremony, reach out to us on Facebook, Twitter, or SnapChat (@acc_fam) and let us know what you think!